Our Practice Areas

In today’s legal arena, bigger is often considered better. Across the country, law firms are mushrooming into mammoth legal department stores offering a panoply of services by hundreds of lawyers and paralegals whom clients may never meet. Many clients feel short-changed. They miss the hands-on attention and solid, practical expertise of experienced lawyers who place a premium on delivering the highest quality legal advice, as efficiently as possible. It is this approach to the practice of law that makes Putney Twombly stand out among contemporary law firms. We offer first-rate legal services by skilled lawyers who maintain a firm grasp of the latest developments in their areas of practice. We do so in a culture that thrives on the time-honored, proven legal tradition of excellence, long-standing personal relationships, accessibility, integrity, and pragmatic solutions to difficult problems. How do we maintain this balance? We build on what has served us well for more than 140 years. Consistently, the Putney Twombly approach is to: Understand our clients’ needs in depth; Place the needs and interests of our clients first; Develop pro-active strategies that avoid problems; Look at every problem ethically and objectively; Concentrate, in depth, on specific areas of the law; Keep up with changes in the law.