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New York

United States Court of Appeals for the Second and Third Circuits

United States District Courts for the
Southern, Eastern and Northern Districts of New York
District of Connecticut


Law School: Albany Law School of Union University

Undergraduate: University of Virginia
Honors/Activities: Graduated with distinction

Other Education: University of Connecticut


JAMES E. McGRATH, III devotes his practice to the representation of management in all aspects of labor relations, employment law and related litigation. He regularly represents management in state and federal court, before arbitration tribunals and before administrative agencies including the National Labor Relations Board, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the New York State Division of Human Rights.

In addition to litigating all aspects of labor and employment law, Mr. McGrath provides frequent counseling to clients on the full range of federal, state and local labor and employment laws. He also has considerable experience in defending class and collective actions.

Relevant Cases/Matters

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