Full-Service Litigation Practice

Few organizations want their disputes to result in litigation, but when such disputes arise, they want assertive, experienced lawyers who put their clients' needs first. Putney Twombly's litigators have extensive actual trial experience concentrating in complex commercial litigation, insurance and product liability law. Our litigators have substantial experience in all areas of litigation–each is fully capable of counseling clients in avoiding litigation, if possible, and in handling the entire litigation process, when necessary.


Our diverse clients–including multinational insurers and some of the country's largest manufacturers–have asked us to handle matters ranging from one-on-one contractual disputes to multi-state class actions. They come to us because they know we can provide the services they want and need–which means we can take a case to trial, if necessary, or, if possible, bring it to a rapid resolution, communicating with the client each step of the way, pursuing whatever is in the client's best interests.

Litigation Practice

The partners in Putney Twombly's Litigation Practice are seasoned litigators. We have tried civil cases and argued appeals in federal and state courts not only in New York and New Jersey, but throughout the country. We also frequently represent clients at arbitrations and in administrative hearings. Some of us have written and lectured extensively on various aspects of the art and practice of litigation. Our partners and associates have learned to litigate cases aggressively and ethically, while maintaining the necessary balance to counsel clients objectively on the merits of their cases. Our experience runs the gamut of a sophisticated civil litigation practice, including matters involving:

• Insurance law
• Insurance coverage
• Restrictive covenants
• Fraud
• Breaches of fiduciary duty
• Injunctions and preliminary restraints
• Partnership disputes
• Breaches of contract
• Debtor/creditor issues
• Construction
• Licensing disputes
• Professional discipline
• Defamation
• Shareholder disputes
• Breaches of warranty
• Intellectual property
• Director's & Officers
• General Liability

In addition, Putney Twombly does a significant amount of product liability defense work representing manufacturers of a variety of consumer, automotive and industrial products. Our litigators are acutely aware that, unless managed properly, a lawsuit can become a time consuming, costly and disruptive endeavor for a client. We believe that reasoned, objective advice prior to the commencement of a lawsuit will often assist the client in obtaining a quick, inexpensive and satisfactory resolution of the dispute. Once a lawsuit is commenced, our goal—whether through early settlement, alternative dispute resolution or trial—is to bring it to an expeditious conclusion on terms most favorable to the client. On the other hand, we recognize that often the best way to obtain a desirable result for a client in a lawsuit is to demonstrate the strength of that client's position and to emphasize the weaknesses in our adversary's position. At times, this can be accomplished only through tenacious and thorough discovery, which can frequently lead to a successful resolution. Not infrequently, however, the merits of the case can only be resolved through dispositive motions, at a trial or some other evidentiary hearing, or on a subsequent appeal. Whichever the case, the Putney Twombly Litigation Practice is ready to advance the interests of our clients, zealously and competently.